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1.Design network system Lan system wirless system wifi hotspot system
installation access point in houses, apartments, companies, factories,
offices, resorts, residences,  solve internet problems in the office   
LAN cabling services, Fiber optic cables, telephone cables in homes, offices   Click  
3. Computer system maintenance service Computer system installation, 
 monthly, yearly service, IT Support, IT Admin, Network Admin   Click 
4. Installation of CCTV camera services in offices, general residential companies. click 
5. Fix IT problems online remoteclick 
6. Service for IT projects,  Implement , installation and  Subcontact .Click 

Give free it consultation.

Service process

1. Inform the location Number of points installed by phone or via line itservice8 
2. Customers can take photos or clips of the installation location via Line
3. We will evaluate the preliminary price and will summarize the price according to the job site again.

Services job in Bangkok and arrounding areas  
Tel.080-1646466 , 098-3068461    id line itservice8 
Thank you to all customers who use the service 
*** You can ask questions about computer use Peripherals, network, internet, free service, 
if you are not a customer, you can inquire via Line: itservice8

Some of our works


1.ITsupport Support your computer monthly and yearly.negotiable


1.1 Check the operate system windows 7 8 10 to be effective.

1.2 Check the virus scan virus . 1.3 Check the basic software commonly for normal use. 1.4 Fix the problem computer working slowly.
1.5 Fix the problem computer is not on . 1.6 New software installation. 1.7 Solve internet problem. 1.8 Solve internet network. 1.9 Solve the printer problem does not print. 1.10 Recommended price specifications for IT products.
1.11 Set IT infrastructure in office.
1.12. Provide IT consultation to customers.

ACCESS POINT installation is suitable for areas where people use the Internet. , such as office
buildings, restaurants, offices, companies that have used the Internet. However, some points are
slower,weak signal, so the ACCESS POINT must be used to better cover the coverage of the Internet.

HOTSPOT installation service is suitable for many people used Internet such as office buildings, restaurants, offices, cafes,home,condo, hotels The Internet has used. But that time, many people are using internet to slow down or fall off. These problems are solved by WIFI HOTSPOT management
Make use of the internet smoothly.
Lan and Wireless Lan system installation services in the 
buildings, restaurants, offices, cafes
Troubleshoot Internet network problems services internal internet is not available.
 in office company 
apartment hotel.
Administration Network 
Services  times monthly yearly 
in office company
 apartment hotel.
Pricing before installation.guaranteeing onsite services.

3.Data recovery service Hard disk,Memory card,Frash drive  negotiable


4.IT Infrastructure Set IT Infrastructure in Office negotiable 

5.Computer Sevices  fix computer onsite services
the computer onsite services in office and company.Services area in Bangkok .

6.Wiring Lan  Fiber optic Telephone Negotiable 

Use the quality of the equipment.
Bid before installation .
The team of experienced technicians.

7.Project IT project short term and long term.service fee negotiable.negotiable


1.The customer is the most important.
2.Responsibility for the work.

-Cloud Computing is data processing  model cloud group.The provider will share resouce with user.
It is a feature developed by Vitualization and Web Services

by the user is not necessary must have basic technical knowledge to work.

These can be categorized into three types of services.

1.Plubic Cloud 

Plubic cloud based systems use the service by accessing information through major plublic service
 providers such as Windows ,Amazon, Google.

2.Private Cloud

Private cloud-based organizations are managed by company or person for coperate or personal use only.

3.Hybrid Cloud

A System that runs on a cloud between plublic cloud and private cloud.Users can work on the plublic
 cloud and resume work on the private cloud.

4.Community Cloud  

The system that runs on cloud between organizations that work together ,they can share resource 

-AWS Amazon Web Services

It is currently the largest cloud computing provider. Amazon AWS service, we can access the service
easily, only register can use the service.
Now we can use the service for free for a year, but some have
to pay for services forgot to read the details of the application
The Amazon AWS working principle
is like VM ware, which we can install OS Linux or Windows, Application according to our needs
We can choose a hard disk and can modify So easy and can be adjusted at any time we want, when
 the size of the people in the organization 
the size of the data increases, we can increase the size
Harddisk without us having to buy.We can access AWS anywhere with internet access 
secure access.AWS will charge you when you open the machine only if we shut down the machine
will not charge . AWS has many services such as:

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Server  

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)  strorage

Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) Database Server   

Amazon ELB (Elastic Load Balance)  Load Balance 

-IT Infrastructure 

                      It is an IT infrastructure of the organization consists of hardware,software,data,
database,network, server, 
 Security, Storage all of which must work together. Has system
administrator and system maintenance to work effectively

It is service computer or service program Which provides services to clients in the network,
which can serve many users, such as

DHCP Server, DNS Server,File Server , Mail Server ,Web Server.


It is the connection of two or more computers with a cable or wireless wireless, allowing the
computer to transmit data to each other
Which is connected through a device such as a router,
switch, accesspoint


It is the security system of the computer, both hard ware and soft ware, acts as a wall to the
 computer to prevent unwanted people
 Incoming on the internet , Networking to destroy data ,
Change data , steal data, view confidential information
It will check what kind of information.
What will be the effect on the computer? If the shake is not safe then 
it will not allow in
the computer. It is controlled by Administrator .The administrator has set firewall requirements.

-Storage Technology

1DAS (Direct attache storage)

DAS is to add external storage to the server directly when the server's hard disk is not enough
 storage We call it DAS.

2NAS Network attached storage

It is a device used to store data,centralized through the Network.NAS has OS  Linux as GUI
through browser google chrome explorer  firefox then easy to use

popular brands are QNAP,NETGEAR,SEAGATE.which can be devided into three levels of nas.

1.Soho nas storage 

Idea for sharing work files or entertainment ,music, movies in the house or in small
organizations 5-10 people.

2.Sme nas storage

Ideal for sharing large files up to 20-50 people.

3.Enterprise nas storage

It is suitable for large organizations of 100-1000 people.

Nas can put Harddisk 1,2,4,8,12 units.

For small organizations or home user popularly use NAS as a private cloud for private
storage of work files or images, which can be loaded when outside the home.

3.San Storage area network

It is a network for high-speed data storage.It can support many types data recording.

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